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Customs warehouses

Why pay more?

customs warehouse aktau mangistauCustoms warehouse is a special customs regime under which imported goods are stored under customs supervision without levying customs duties and taxes (VAT and excise duties) and without application of economic policy measures (licensing, quotas) for the period of storage. Goods intended for export, are stored under customs control with the provision of benefits provided by law (for example, exemption from customs duties and taxes or refund of the amounts paid).
 The value of a bonded warehouse for business and foreign trade is determined primarily by the fact that the goods placed under this regime, on the one hand, are fully covered by the common customs and tax regulations, and on the other hand, with the help of special customs procedures owners are given the opportunity to pay customs duties or non-tariff regulatory measures (quotas, licensing, special permits) only during the specific transaction.
  Using the customs warehouses allows major purchases at the moment when the offer on the international market is the most profitable, and to sell when the demand on the domestic market to foreign countries will be most favorable. These benefits are realized to the extent that the law gives sufficient time to make a decision about the final destination of the goods by the owner .
  Exemption from customs duties for imported goods placed in a customs warehouse, allows the importer to avoid awkward situations when before the date of the transaction (without any guarantees for a sale of goods) considerable sums of money are "frozen", because of customs duties and charges.

What we offer

Customs warehouse

Area - 400 m2
Volume - 2000 m2
No customs fee

Low-temperature warehouses

Area - 1000 m2
Down to - 27 ℃
3x reserve power

Heated warehouses

Area - 1500 m2
4000 pallets capacity
Temperature and humidity control

The best location

Total area of 40 000 m2
Local railway
Offices for our clients
Auto depot